VPI Book of Remembrance
Honour Roll- United States

Date Squadron Aircraft Location


04-Sep-51 VP-5 P2V-3 NAS Quonset Point

LCDR J.J. Rossillon PPC

LT H.B. Thorpe Co-pilot

ADC C.L. Cook Plane Captain

AL1 R.R. Maxfield Radio Operator

AT2 C.G. Chapman Radar Operator

AO2 K.G. Peterson Ordnance

AL3 F.M. Roeder Jr ECM Operator

06-Nov-51 VP-6 P2V-3W Sea of Japan

LT J.C. Hodgson

LT S. Rosenfeld

ENS A. Smith

AO1 R.S. Baggett

AD1 P.R. Foster

AT1 E.D. Raglin

AL2 P.G. Juric

AT2 W.S. Meyer

AL2 R.A. Wigert

AD3 J. Lively
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Last Updated: 4 May 2001