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Accident List- France


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26-Nov-48 2F Wellington 8 Oran (Algeria) Lost at sea.
16-Sep-49 7F Sunderland 10 Dakar (Senegal) Lost at sea.
3-Nov-49 7F Sunderland 4 Saint Mandrier (France) Crashed before landing.
8-Jun-51 2F Wellington 6 Port Lyautey (Algeria) Lost at sea.
20-Dec-51 8F Privateer 13 Tan Son Hut (Indochine) Accident.
12-Apr-54 28F Privateer 9 Dien Bien Phu (Indochine) Combat loss.
8-May-54 28F Privateer 7 Son La (Indochine) Combat loss.
21-May-57 28F Privateer 9 Algeria Crashed into mountain.
22-Oct-57 22F P2V-6 Neptune 8 La Senia (Algeria) Crashed.
23-Oct-57 27F Sunderland 5 Port-Etienne (Mauritania) Crashed.
7-Jul-58 27F Sunderland 4 Dakar (Senegal) Crashed on landing at sea.
15-Aug-60 55S Lancaster 15 Casablanca (Marocco) Crashed.
11-Nov-64 21F P2V-6 Neptune 9 Heraklion (Greece) Crashed on landing.
13-Mar-67 24F P2V-7 Neptune 13 SW. Brittany (France) Lost at sea.
31-Aug-67 22F Atlantic 11 Spitzberg Mountain crash.
20-Sep-68 22F Atlantic 5 Farnborough (U.K.) Air show crash.
4-Feb-70 25F P2V-7 Neptune 12 Ploemeur (France) Crashed just after take-off near Lann-Bihoue station.
15-Jan-71 25F P2V-7 Neptune 6 Lann Bihoue (France) Crashed just before landing.
10-Mar-81 23F Atlantic 18 Comores Crashed just after take-off.
21-Jan-82 9S C-54 7 Tontouta (Caledonia) Crashed on mountain.
18-May-86 21F Atlantic 16 Djibouti Crashed on mountain.


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