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Accident List- Japan


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8-Jul-55 Kanoya PV-2 Harpoon 5 Kanoya Air Base Crashed on the ground.500 m South West of Kanoya (South of Kyushu.
19-Apr-57 Kanoya PV-2 Harpoon 8 Iwakuni Air Base Crashed in water, one mile east of  base.
6-Feb-62 VP 2 P2V-7 Neptune 10 Off Samekado. Crashed in Pacific Ocean, north of  Japan.
3-Sep-62 VP 1 P2V-7 Neptune 12 Amamioshima Crashed into Mt. Rankan. South of Japan.
17-Jul-65 VX 51 P2V-7 Neptune 11 Off Choshi, east of Japan Crashed into Pacific Ocean.
16-Jul-71 VP 3 P2V-7 Neptune 11 Off Choshi,east of Japan Crashed into Pacific Ocean.
26-Jul-72 203 ATS P2V-7 Neptune 7 Kanoya Air Base. Crashed into mountain, 5NM north of base.
27-Apr-73 VP 3 P2V-7 Neptune 8 Iwojima. Crashed into Pacific Ocean, 5NM east of Iwojima.
6-Apr-77 VP 31 PS-1 1 Iwakuni Sea lane. Crashed into water.
17-May-78 VP 31 PS-1 13 Takaoka-Gun,Kouchi-Ken, Shikoku. Crashed into mountain.
26-Apr-83 VP 31 PS-1 11 Iwakuni Air Base. Crashed on embankment NE end of base.
27-Feb-84 VP 31 PS-1 12 The Inland sea of Japan. Crashed into water.


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