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This Page is primarily for the use of individuals looking for friends who are members of VPI and would like their friends to know where they are now . ALSO if you are involved in the VPI community but are not yet a member please feel free to list yourself too. In order to have your name added to the list please contact Bert Campbell email bertwin@eastlink.ca   We will not accept third party submissions ie. I think John Smith's e-mail address is .... John will have to submit his own address as he may wish to keep it private.   THIS IS NOT THE MASTER LIST OF ALL VPI MEMBERS

WARNING: This is public domain and may result in you getting more SPAM/JUNK email.






Dalton, Brendan, (dalts), Gawler, SA, Australia dalts66@hotmail.com    Pilot, RAAF, Australia, 01Jul90, Present, P3 Nimrod, 4750 hrs.
Davis, Todd, (Charley), Bellevue, Nebraska, USA chazjulie@worldnet.att.net    Pilot, VP-30, VQ-1, VQ-2 (USN), United States, 11/06/83, present, P-3A, P-3B, P-3C, EP-3E.
Davoren, Pat, Melbourne, VIC, Australia davoren@tpgi.com.au    Pilot, 10/11SQN RAAF, Australia, 1/12/85, 6/1/97, P3C, 4500 hrs.
DAWSON, Neville, (SMOKEY), Canberra, Australia,
104251@lizzy.com.au   AEO, RAF 1985 to Dec 1999, P3C & Nimrod, 5400 hrs.
Daly, Daune, Ottawa ON ddaly@legion.ca
Deblois, Marc, (Grumpy), Orleans, Ontario, Canada, mdeblois@rogers.com, deblois.jam@forces.gc.ca, ANAV/Acoustics, Canadian Air Force, 3600 Hrs
ohn E., Huntsville, Alabama, USA CDR USN (Ret), dedonusnret@yahoo.com TACCO/Mission Commander/Instructor TACCO, VP-5, VP-30, ASWOC Keflavik, Iceland. 2250+ flight hours on P3s, P3 Update I and Update IIs.

de Jong
, Bert, Voorhout, Zuid Holland, the Netherlands bertdaan@zonnet.nl   Flight Engineer, Mission Support "Officer", the Netherlands, 11/08/75, Present, NL/US P-3's, ca 6600 hrs.

Denis, Michel, Shanghai, China mrcdenis@sympatico.cat  Pilot, CAF, Canada, 1/6/88, 1/6/97, Aurora, 3000 hrs.
DERIEUX jean-yves ( Ific ) Nîmes FRANCE jyderieux@hotmail.com  Pilot , flottilles 22F, 23F, 21F, 22f, BR1150 Trainer Team , 1970 to 1989 BR1150 Atlantic , 6000 h, CL215.  CL 415 pilot now. Total flying time11,000 h
Desrochers, Robert (Bob),  Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada bobdesrochers@av.eastlink.ca  RCAF/CAF ANAV, 6400 hrs on C47, Neptune, Argus & Aurora 405Sqn (X3)/449 Sqn/ASWOC Keflavik/404 Sqn 1965-94
Devana, Pete, Victoria BC, Canada pistol@island.net RO/ANav RCAF/CF 24/4/61 to 25 /9/87 in Reg Force then additional Reserve Time from 88-9. 415, 405, 404, 407 Sqns plus tours at ADAC (A), ADAC (P) & Argentia as Det CDR plus called back to run ADAC(P) from 90-91 during Gulf War. Expiditor, Dakota, Neptune, Argus, Aurora. VP hours- 4365
DEWFALL, Alan, Lancashire, UK,
alandewfall5@Gmail.com  AEOp (S), 120 Sqn, UK, 02/01/73 to present, Nimrod MR1, MR2, 6600
Doncaster, Douglas, (Don), Kensington, PEI, Canada dougdonc@yahoo.com

Donnelly, Mark, Kennesaw, GA,  markjdonnelly
@yahoo.com     Pilot, USN, US/CAN, 01/08/83, 01/10/90, Aurora/P-3, 3500 hrsVP-56 and USN Exchange with 415 SQN at CYZX
Donovan, Norman, (Norm), Halifax, N.S., Canada n.don@ns.sympatico.ca   Nav, RCAF 405,2(M)OTU,MPEU,407,VP24,VP44. , Canada, 17-07-53, 31-08-90, Lanc/P2V/Argus/P3/CP-140, 6134 hrs.
Doucette, George, (douce), New London PEI, , Canada gandd.doucette@PEI.SYMPATICO.CA    Flight Engineer, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 18/04/ 51, 15/06/76, LANC P2V ARGUS, 13,184 hrs.
Dougher AWC Patrick "Buffy", buffnles@aol.com  VP-40 (DEC 83-DEC 87, VP-31(JAN88- APR91), VP-50 (APR91-APR 92), VP-9 (APR92-MAY95, VP-30 (MAY95-APR98), VP-9 (MAY98- APR01), VP-30 (JUNE01-present).  P-3C series over 5,000 flight hours.
Droddy, James, (Jim), Corpus Christi, Texas, USA ctw4-00@navdafgw.navy.mil       TRAWING 4, USA, 11/01/77, , P3C, 4300 hrs.
Drolet, Raymond (JWR), (Ray), St. Bruno, Quibec, Canada rsdrolet@videotron.ca   Air-Nav R/O, RCAF - CAF, Canada, 05/04/51, 09/30/78, Argus, 7000 hrs.
Duke, Alan, (Dukey), Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand a.duke@clear.net.nz    AEOp/AEO, 5 Squadron, RNZAF, New Zealand, 17/02/77, 03/06/96, P3B/P3K Orion, 5650 hrs.


Eakins, James, (Jim), Middleton, NS, Canada Jim.Eakins@ns.sympatico.ca    Air Nav/RN/RO, RCAF, Canada, 01/06/61, 01/07/89, Neptune, Argus, Aurora.
Ekholm, Allan, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada ekholm@yukon.net    Naval Aircrewman, AESOP, RCN, CAF, CANADA, 18/01/61, 22/01/96, Tracker, Argus, Aurora, 9674 hrs.
Eugenio, Antonio, Montijo, , Portugal aleugenio@mail.telepac.pt    Tacco/Nav, 601 SQN, Portugal, 10/09/90, Present, P-3P, 3000 hrs.


Faure, Yann, (Ian), NOUMEA, New-Caledonia, New-Caledonia y.faure@offratel.nc    Navy, French Navy, FRANCE, 04/09/92, 30/06/98, Dassault ATLANTIQUE, 3500 hrs.
Fairbairn, Ed, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, efairbairn@adga.ca ,  ANAV,RCAF/CF, 404 Sqn /449 Sqn /405 Sqn/ MP&EU, 06/07/68 to 06/07/98,     Argus/Aurora, 3500 hrs
FAWCETT Michael W (Tap), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Fawcett.MW@forces.gc.ca, RO/ANAV, RCAF/CF, VP404, 407, ADAC, Neptune, Argus, Aurora, 3500hrs.
FERRIS, Lew, Victoria, BC, Canada, lewferris@yahoo.com  RO, ANAV, AEO Exchange, VP404, MP&EU, VP405, 201 Sqn 415MP, MAST.
Fickling, Richard J., AWCS USNR (Ret.) Yorktown, VA USA, p3css1@aol.com   Sensor One, VP-68, VP-60, VP-62, VP-45, ASWOC/TSC, 4700 hours (550 P-2V7)

Field, Ambrose, (A. J.), Singapore, , Singapore fieldaj@ibm.net    Pilot, RCN; CAF, Canada, 04/09/64, 04/09/87, Argus, 3045 hrs.
FIORENZO, Mogno, ( Retired) 30 Wing, 8 Group, Elmas Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Atlantique 6000 Hours 
, Mark, (Fonzie), CWO Flight Engineer ret'd, Berwick, NS, Canada. flonzie1@gmail.com  CH124/A Seaking, 01/06/1988 - 01/01/1993 406 Sqn; CP140 Aurora, 01/07/1993 - 09/08/2000, 415, 404 Sqn's; CH146 Labrador and CH149 Cormorant; 09/08/2000 - 01/06/2008, 103, 413 Sqn's and 01/06/2008-29/09/2009, 405 Sqn, 6840 hrs. Currently a civilian Simulator Instructor at 404 Sqn.
Foster, KW (Bill), Oakville, Ontario, Canada, bronte@sympatico.ca TacNav / NavCom, 415     (MP) Sqn, Canada, 16/01/95 to 30/09/00, Aurora, 1550 hrs
Frankel, Nevins, (Frank), Waldorf, Maryland, USA nfrankel@vpnavy.com   http://www.vpnavy.com   N/A, NAVY, USA, 26JAN66, 26DEC67, P2 Neptune and P3 Orion.
Fryer, Andy, Kinloss, Scotland, thefryers@bigfoot.com, Navigator, RAF Nimrod MR1 and MR2 - 120, 201, 206 Sqns and 236 OCU.  CF Aurora Exchange 415 Sqn (88-91), 5200 combined VP hours.
Fletcher, David, (Dave), Courtenay, BC, Canada dcf@mars.ark.com    Radio Officer/Air Navigator, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 09/08/61, 09/08/97, Neptune/Argus/Aurora/E-3A, 5563 hrs.
Fletcher-Lord, Robert, (Bob), M|nchen, Bayern, Germany robert.fletcher-lord@m.dasa.de    AEOp, RAF, United Kingdom, 01/06/61, 21/03/76, Shackleton & Nimrod, 9700 hrs.
Gold Pin Recipient

Fleury, Butch, Greenwood , NS, Canada
butchpat@ns.sympatico.ca    Flight Engineer, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 20/11/81, 29/01/96, Aurora, 6582 hrs.
Floyd, Donald R., (Ray), Kansas City, MO. 64129, Missouri, US Prettyboyfloyd1@webtv.net   
 FRANCESCO, Distefano(CICCIO), Catania, Sicily, Italy francescodistefano@virgilio.it  Italian Aair Force, 09/11/73, NOW, BR 1150 ATLANTIC , 9300 hrs.
Gold Pin Recipient
Friedetzky Rainer "Fredy",  German Navy from 1978 – 1992. Retired as LtCdr and AC Crew 7 in Nordholz in 1992. Last plane flown Breguet Atlantic. Since 1992 with Lufthansa. Flying Airbus A330 and A340 as Captain and additionally doing simulator training as Check Captain on the same types. Friedetzky@gmx.com
, John R., Tacoma, Washington, 98445 U.S.A., JFunk3865@aol.com john.r.funk@boeing.com , Airline Customer Representative for American Airlines, at the Boeing Company, Seattle Washington. Served in the 38th TAS, Langley AFB, Virginia, Feb 1972- July 1974, 36th TAS July 1974-Jan 1977, C130E, 2,900 hours.
Furney, Victor, (Vic), St. Catharines, ON, Canada, vfurney@cogeco.ca , RO / NAV, 2(M)OTU / 407SQN / MHQ(A) / 404 Sqn / (ANS / 435 Sqn / 39th TAS / 426 SQN / AFSC / 426 SQN / UNTSO / NDHQ / CFS LOWTHER / TSHQ / CF Staff School / CF Staff College)ASW Feb 57 to Apr 69 retired Feb 92, Dak / Exp / Lanc / Neptune / Argus / Tracker / C-130, VP Hours 5200 Total 10000


GALE, Jack Mountain View, CA, USA   jackgale@pacbell.net         P3 Flight Engineer USN 1/21/67 to 11/30/93, VP-31(3), 50, 30, 46, CPW10, CPWP. P3A/C 6500+ hrs.

Robert, (Paddy),  Navigator/Captain/TACCO, RAF /CF - 415 sqn, UK/Canada, 15/09/59, 10/01/97, Shackleton/Nimrod/Aurora, 7200 hrs. VP 415 from 81 to 84. Passed Away 7 Dec 2016

Gallagher, Vern, v.gallagher@rlmsystems.com.au.  RAAF SP2H, P-3B, P-3C 1976-1987, 5,000hrs total.  Regular attendee at the Friday VPI lunches in Canberra, Australia
Gamboa, Andres, COMMARAIRSOUTH at Naples, Italy agamby_2000@yahoo.com   P-3A and P-3B in Spanish Air Force 
 Gaede, Bob, Halifax, NS, Canada, Robert@ClearViewPromo.ca RO+Pilot, RCAF/CF, 404 Sqn/
2(M)OTU/MPEU 407 Sqn/415 Sqn, Canada,  NATO Sqn 2, Germany22/02/61, 08/08/94, Neptune/Argus/NE3-A NATO AWACS,  (Neptune/Argus 5796 hours) Webmaster VPI Halifax:   http://www.ClearViewPromo.ca/vpi/vpi.htm 
GALEA Bruno, Sigonella, Italy, Master Chief, Italian Navy, Navigator, 6000 hours
on ATLANTIC BR1150. VPI member since 1988. gfbru@libero.it
, Jim, Salt Spring Island, BC ganderton@saltspring.com 407 (MP) Squadron 1961-1964 and DREA Dartmouth NS P2V7 Neptune aircraft 1500 hours
GARDNER, Kev, Flight Engineer, 11 Squadron RAAF, AP-3C, 5500 Hours, hevykevy@gmail.com
George, Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada geogail@av.eastlink.ca    Naval Aircrewman, AES Op, RCN, CAF, Canada, 03/01/59, 03/08/95, Tracker + Argus + Aurora, 5860 hrs.
Giráldez de la Cuadra, Vicente, Rota, Cádiz, España,vicentegiraldez@hotmail.com , pilot/tacco,Spanish Air Force, MACA Rota,España, 15/06/84 to 07/04/01 P-3A/B, 5.600 hrs
Giuliano, Alfonso, (Canguro), Quartu S.E., Cagliari, ITALY alfieg@tiscalinet.it   Radio-Radar-E.W., Italian Navy, Italy, 01-12-75, , Atlantic BR1150, 8500 hrs.
Graham, Lloyd, (The Blurr), Kingston, NS, Canada lloyd.lou@ns.sympatico.ca   Air Nav/AI/RO/LR, RCAF/CF, Canada, 29/02/58, 17/09/93, CF-100, Neptune, Argus, Aurora, 5530 hrs.

Frederic, Nimes France, glorieuxfamily@tele2.fr  TACCO, Flottille21F, Nimes Garon, ATL2, Breguet Atlantic Gardian and ATL2, 5500 hrs.
Godwin, Paul , 
  AirNav, Canada, 07/01/79, present, Argus & Aurora, 3500 hrs. emailpwg@yahoo.com
Goldie, Brian, Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada goldies@istar.ca   Observer, AesOp, RCN, CAF, Canada, 05/01/67, 29/08/97, Argus, Aurora, 9417hrs.
Gold Pin Recipient
Gorman, Henry, (Hank), North Palm Beach, Florida, USAS hank1@adelphia.net   Pilot, US Navy, US, 14/08/40, 30/05/66, PBY,PBM/P5M, 4,000 hrs.

, Earl, Kingston,NS, CA, RO/NAV,RCAF/CF, 404 Sqn, MRT, CFNS, MPEU, VP415, MAGHQ, ASDU, 4 Sep 57/30 Apr 85, NEPTUNE, ARGUS, AURORA, 5680 VP hrs. Passed Away 3 August 2015

Grandmaison, Robert (Puptent) rgrandmaison1@cogeco.ca  VP tours: 415 Sqn, 449 Sqn, VP-30 Patuxtent River, MD., 404 Sqn.  VP hours 5639.2.   TACCO, USN Mission Commander
Green, Peter, (Pete), Leonardtown, Maryland, USA pgreen@paxr.veridian.com  Pilot, U.S. Navy, USA, 15/07/79, pres, P-3A/B/C, EP-3A/C, 5300 hrs.
Dallas P-3 Flight Engineer e-mail address is Gunner3257@Aaol.com  Served VP-49 , VP-30, PEP Canada VP-404 Argus / VP-404 AURORA, VP-405 ARGUS and VP-405 AURORA , VX-1, VQ-2, Keflavik, Iceland, VP-94. Total Flight Hours 13,860 hrs.
Gold Pin Recipient
Grossi Luca(Bigs)Roma, Italy grolu@libero.it  Pilot,30°Airwing, 86°sqn Elmas Ca)Italy 10.06.1990 till 1/10/2000. BR1150 Atlantic 3600 hrs.
Grovermann, John, Retired 11 SQN RAAF P3B / P3C  Flight Engineer, I have Over 5000 hours as a flight engineer. johngrovermann@bigpond.com
, Thomas, (Tom), Greenville, Texas, USA tgruver@unicomp.net   IFO/IFT, US NAVY, USA, 04/08/78, 31/08/98, Orion, 5124 hrs.
GUSHUE, Gord, Keflavik Iceland, gushue@mwr.is, Navigator, CF June '83 to present, Herc, Aurora, Dash 8, 4300 VP hours. 
GUY, Christopher, Morisset, NSW, AUSTRALIA cguy@hunterlink.net.auRAAF 10SQN, Jun 81 to Aug 85, P3C, 2600hrs


Haggarty, Dallas, (Tex), Amberley, QLD, Australia dalash@powerup.com.au   Nav, Sensor Operator, TACCO, RAAF, Australia, may/82, jan/93, P3B, P3C, 3074 hrs.
President of the newly formed South East Queensland Chapter of VPI.
Halfkenny, Clint, Courtenay, BC, Canada clin-bar@home.com   Flight Engineer, RCN&CAF, Canada, 01 05 84, 15 06 95, Aurora, 3804 hrs.
total flying hours 8800.herc&707 transport command,5064 total VP 3804 all Aurora.
HAMBLY David (Dave) Comox B.C.  davehambly@shaw.ca OBS/AESOP  404,405,423,406,405,404  retired Aug 95 Argus/Sea King/Aurora 6k  also Past Pres Comox Wing 92

Hamilton Ken, Hong Kong/Greenwood N.S.  kencarmhk@gmail.com   RCN-CAF 22-Aug62--31 May 95 ; Reserve 31 May 95 to Oct 96 -C135-2450; C113- 2710- CP140-4930 total  9790HRS

Handy, Philip, (Phil), Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada Phil.Handy@ns.sympatico.ca   Flight Engineer, RCN/CAF, Canada, 1969, 1985, Argus, Aurora, 6736 hrs.
Hanson, Raymond, (Ray), Southbridge, Mass., USA rhanson10@compuserve.com   Inflight Tech, VP-92 USN, USA, 15/01/75, now, P3A, P3B, P3C
Hanson, Rebecca, , Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA rhanson@regis.edu   
Hache, Mike, Halifax mhachie@hotmail.com
HANSEN, Lary, Nanaimo, BC, Canada dilary2@shaw.ca RO & Nav, RCAF/CF, 415, 443, 423 Sqns 16/11/65 - 27/12/87 Dakota, Neptune, Argus & Seaking. VP Hrs 3000, Total 5000 hrs.
, Richard (Dick), Auckland, New Zealand, r.hardeman@clear.net.nz 
   Joined RAF 1973 as Comm Fitter & remustered to AEO in 1976. Two Nimrod tours including the Falklands War of 82. Received the BEM  Quit RAF 89, moved to NZ the joined RNZAF as AEOP in 91. Two Orion tours and awarded AFM for SAR incident.Currently P-3    SoftwareDevelopment. Nimrod 2200 Hrs, P3K 2500 Hrs. 
HARRIS, Harry B. Jr., Admiral, USN, Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet, former CO of VP46; CTF72 (3 tours: action officer, OPSO, then Commodore); Director of Current Ops for the Navy Staff; COMJTF Guantanamo; J3, USSOUTHCOM; Deputy CNO for Communication Networks (N6); COMSIXTHFLT/COMSTRIKFORNATO; Assistant to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
Harrison, Kermit , kermit_harrison@msn.com  flew with VP-47 at Moffett Field, also transitioned down to NAS North Island to fly in S3B's but left before completion. P3C, SS-1, had one flight in the Argus with VP-407 at Comox.

Ron Ottawa, ON.  Navigator CAF 1978/1998, Argus, Aurora. 404, 405, MP&EU, ADAC, VX-1
 past away 12 NoVember 2017

Marco. Wildervank, Groningen, The Netherlands, hartm240@hotmail.com , NAVCOM 320Squadron P3C2.5  01/04/01, 01/01/05 TACCO Fokker60MPA 01/01/05, CURRENT, 1700hrs
, Torbjorn, 333 Squadron, Andoya Air Station, 8480 Andenes Norway. torbjornhaugen@tnett.no  TACCO and NavCom on Norways P-3, since 1975, P-3B, P-3B ASN-124 mod.P-3C Update III currently P-3C UIP. President 1st Norwegian Wing of VPI.  

Hendrickson, E.J., (ODIE), McLean, VA, USA eric.hendrickson@navy.mil  Pilot, VP-5/VP-30,VPU-1,  VT-27 (T-34) USA, 01/06/89, P3-C,  2700 hrs.

Henry, Patrick J, Greenwood NS. Flight Engineer 413,415,404 Sqns & MP&EU. 7000 hrs total time. Patrick.shipswood@gmail.com

Roger, Brunswick, Maine, USA, rnlhenze@suscom-maine.net    TACCO, USN, VP10 Oct 86-Jul 90, VP30 Aug 90-Jun 93, VP16 Feb 97-Apr 99, P-3C, 3000 hrs.
Herrndorf, Andrew , (Herrns), Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada aherrn@glinx.com   Pilot, Canada, , 22/07/83, present, Aurora, 2160 hrs.
Hill, Paul,  Norfolk VA , USA pdh86sooner@hotmail.com  PPC 2000hrs VP-45, VP-8.
Hilliard, Pete, (Pierre), Auckland, , New Zealand hilliard@ihug.co.nz   From June 1998 NZ VPI Rep   AEOP, RNZAF, NEW ZEALAND, 10/10/73, , P3B, P3K, 7267 hrs.
Hoerning, Brian, (Horndog), Lusby, MD, USA hoerning@ameritel.net  NAV/COMM, TACCO, TACNAV, VP-10,404Sqdn,VX-1, United States, Canada, 01/04/87, 14/12/96, P-3C Orion, CP-140 Aurora, 2500 hrs.
Hoffer, Kenneth F., (Ken), Mississauga, ON, Canada khoffer@sympatico.ca   Pilot, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 10/10/63, 10/12/77, Neptune, Argus, 4897 hrs.
Holst, Peter, Ottawa, ON, Canada peter.holst@sympatico.ca   Air-Nav, CAF, Canada, 28/03/83, , Aurora , 2232 hrs.
HORNER, Chris (Jack) Adelaide, SA, Australia, chrishorner@hotmail.com  AEOp/AEA/AE, RAF 1973-91, RAAF 1991-present, 120, 42, 236, 11 & 292 Sqns, Nimrod MR1/2, P-3C/AP-3C, 5300 hrs
Hotte, Derrick, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada derrick.hotte@gmail.com , VP30 (03-present), 405 Sqn (99-02), 415 Sqn (91-95), ASO, NAVCOM, TACNAV, MPCC, P3C, P3C AIP, CP140 Aurora, 2900 hrs, (President VPI Greenwood Wing 00-02).
HUCKSTEPP, Steve, Berlin, Germany,  huckstepp@t-online.de Australian Defence Attaché to Germany, Pilot RAAF P3C
HUNNEWELL, Jim Airborne Sensor Operator  P3S3aircrew@cox.net US Navy 1977-2001 P-3, CP-140, Nimrod, S-3, ES-3A .
HUNTER, Barry, Trenton, Ontario, Canada,  barlyn@sympatico.ca,    Air/RO Pilot, RCAF/CAF, 23/11/60 to 30/09/82 and 18/06/91 to 15/09/94 Neptune/Argus 9800 VPI hours


Inglis, Eric, Trenton, ON, Canada hercoiler@hotmail.com FE, 405&404 Sqn, Canada, Aug 84, Aug 97, Aurora, 5500 hrs
rvine, Jim, CF, Canada, Aurora, 3300 hrs.


JABORNICKY,  Peter,  Bemboka,  NSW,  Australia, petley1@tpg.com.au   Pilot,   RAAF,  Australia,  Aug '68 - Feb '92 , No 10 and 11 Sqn, No 92 Wg HQ,  P3B,  P3C,  7000 hrs.
, Curtiss, (CJ), Fremont, Ca., USA cactionj@www.yahoo.com    U.S. Navy, USA, 041586, 071592, P-CU111, 3200 hrs.
Jeffries, Boyd, (Jeff), South Daytona, FL, USA BJeffries@aol.com    Air-Nav, RCAF, Canada, 25/09/50, 09/08/57, Lancaster.
Jefferis, Jim, Newquay, Cornwall, U.K jamesjefferis@rocketmail.com
  Flight Engineer, 42Sqn RAF, UK, 01/10/73, 03/10/95, Nimrod, 3000 hrs.
Johnson, David (Dave), Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada, djohnson@shaw.ca
    Pilot, VPCC, VP 407, Canada, 4 March, 1975 to ~15 May, 1983, Argus Mk I, 3006.6
Johnson, W Thomas, (Tom), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, va3wtj@rac.ca
     ANAV, RCAF/Canadian Forces - 405(MP) Sqn (x 2), 404 (MP&T) Sqn, 14 Wing
     Greenwood, Canada, intermittently 14/02/72 to 25/07/96, Argus, Aurora, 2780 hrs.
Joyce, Maurice, "Moe", Jacksonville, Florida, USA, CO@kennedy.navy.mil,
   TACCO, Captain, USN, Exchange Instructor at 404 Squadron, 09/78 to
   07/81. Argus, Aurora, S-3B, S-3B and now driving USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67) 3000hrs.

JONES, Don, Major (Ret"d) RCAF/CAF, Past President VPI,  Passed away 14 February 2017

JONES, Nick (Spock) Hampshire/Dorset UK, nicmeljones@aol.com RAAF Navigator 1966-93
  204, 210,206,42 & 415 Sqns. Shackelton, Nimrod, Aurora & Dornier 9950 Hours


Kaiser, Thomas III TKa107@aol.com   
  Acoustic Sensor operator 1976 - 1990, P3A, Bravo, Super B
KAMARAS, Dimitris “ Flyman”, : Athens, Greece  flyman@inbox.com TACCO, ASO NPS graduate 353 Maritime Patrol Squadron CountryFrom 23-12-97 to present P3B TACNAVMOD 1200 VP hrs.
Karsten, Mike, Invercargill, , New Zealand mkarsten@xtra.co.nz   
  Ordnance, RNZAF, New Zealand, 01/04/94, 13/01/99, Orion, 1994 hrs.
Katz, Lawrence, (LARRY), Blytheville, Arkansas, USA papakatz@arkansas.net   
  Radioman, Chief when discharged, VP21--VP101--VPB29, USA, 7/1/41, 8/22/46, PBY Catalina 3's and 5's, 2200 hrs.
I was stationed at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor from June of 1941 until March of 1942.Was there during the attack on the 7th of December. I was attached to VP21 then transferred with our squadron to Perth, Australia in April 8th of 1942. was there until August of 44, then our squadron became VPB 29 Used Perth, Australia as our home base, then went to the different Islands in the South West Pacific Patroling and Dumbo, and Black Cat. Left Moroti in Nov, of 1944, Returned to Guam in January of 1947 and discharged in August of 1947
KEENE, Brian, Dartmouth NS, Canada bkeene747@gmail.com  Pilot CAF 01/86 - 04/94 415, 407 Sqns, 3600 CP140 Hours.

KELLY, Kendall S. CDR USNR (ret). Maritime flying, VP-8, Brunswick, Me.(85-89) 1400 hours. Exchange 407 SQN, CFB Comox, B.C. (89-91) 1200 hours. Resides in Naples, Fl. Email flyhighk2@aol.com
Rory, Yellowknife, NT, Canada roshan@yt.sympatico.ca   
  Air Navigator, CF, Canada, 10/08/72, present, Argus, Aurora, 4400 hrs.
Kirkwood, William, (Billy K), Canberra, ACT, Australia
  AEO, RAAF, AUSTRALIA, 1977, 1987, P3B/P3C, 4013 hrs.
Knight, Don, Comox, B.C., Canada, dknight@telus.net Naval Aircrewman/AESO, RCN/CAF, Canada, 
   12/09/55 to18/12/84, 20/03/87 to 07/12/92, CS2F, Dak, Argus, Aurora, 4952 hrs. VP, 7265 hrs. Total.
 Knowles, Bruce,  Box 2329 RR5 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
  Air/RO, Air Nav/LR, RCAF,CF, Canada, Iceland, 7Jul55, 23Jul 83, Lanc,P2V7,Argus, P3C,CP140, 7210 hrs.

KOIS, Bob ADCS (AC) USN RET Plane Captain/Flight Engineer,VP-26 1956-1960 P2V,VP-16 1964-1967 P2V/P3 VP-44 1971-1974 P3 I flew as Plane Captain/Flight Engineer with CDR. Bob Wyly, a founding member of the P2000 Clup/VPI, in VP-26 (CAC 6), VP-30 (Training Flights) and VP-44 (CAC 1). Passed away 30 Dec 2015

KRAMER Mark T, Topsham, ME. kramermt@suscom-maine.net P-3A-C IFT, VP-1123, VP-64, NADC, VP-47, VP-30, and VP-10. Will retire with 30 years service (1976 - 2006), 7000 hrs.


LAING, Paul (Baz), Adelaide, SA, Australia, paul.laing@defence.gov.au ,Pilot, 11SQN RAAF 96-00, 415SQN CF 00-03, 10SQN RAAF 04-Present, P3C,CP-140, AP3C, 4000 hrs
, Horst (Hotte), Cuxhaven, Germany.  Horst.Landvogt@t-online,de
   RO, Fairey Gannet, Breguet Atlantic. Naval Airwing 3, NAS Nordholz, Germany. 10,000 Hours.
Langhof, Dietrich, Germany, dietrich.langhof@condor.com Pilot, Breguet Atlantic, Civilian Flying - MD-80, B757-200, B767-300ER - Training and Check Pilot and Safety and Security Standard Manager for the Flight Safety Department at Condor Airlines.
, Jim, (JR), Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada jrlmcs@gmail.com
  Pilot, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 10/11/56, 24/01/94, Argus/Aurora, 3052 hrs.
Lantzer, Raymond, (Ray), Conneaut, Ohio, USA raysplace@suite224.net   
  Numerous duties, VP-42,46,22, , 2/57, 12/68, P5M,P2V,P3A,B, 1500 hrs.

Joseph, (Joe), Courtenay, B C, Canada  Flight Engineer, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 29 04 64, 15 07 99, Aurora, 5600 hrs. Passed Away 2015

, Richard (Dick)  RAF 1972 - 1991; 201, 203, 206 and 120 Squadrons, Nimrod Navigator and Captain;  RAAF 1991 - present, 11 Squadron, P-3C TACCO.  6000hrs.  Currently at 11 Hillrise Court, Wynn Vale, SA 5127, Australia. E-mail rglarking@picknowl.com.au or Richard.Larking@defence.gov.au 
LaUbach, Jon "Woody", CDR,  Yorktown, VA, Commanding Officer of Tactical Air Control Squadron TWO ONE on Joint Amphibious Base Little Creek-Fort Story, jlaubach@earthlink.net

Lawler, Gregory, Lufkin, Texas, USA glawler@templeinland.com   
  Mission Commander, TACCO, TSC682, USA, 7/1/1982, , P3-C Mod, 2900 hrs.
Lawrence, Ronny, (RED), Pensacola, Florida, UKnited States teachrojo@aol.com   
  Radioman, Navy, United States , 06/05/60, 05/05/63, P2V-5, 7500 hrs.
        P2V-7 04/15/66-11/12/69 VP-7 Sonar.  P3C 11/15/72-11/12/76 VP-5 Sensor Station 1/2
John: Jacksonville, FL.  VP-16, VP-24, VP-30, CPWL TTT, CPRWL Special Projects, CPRW11 AAI Support.  john.leinhauser@comcast.net 
, Steph, A/Nav 404/405/415 Sqn Aurora/Acturus 3500+ hrs , Steph, jsvp@sympatico.ca  A/Nav 404/405/415 Sqn Aurora/Acturus 3500+ hrs
Lerdo, Hans-Georg, (HG), Gainesville, Florida, USofA hg.lerdo@gmx.net   http://grove.ufl.edu/~hg
  Tacco, 3 GE NAW, Germany, 01.07.85, 31.07.98, BR 1150 Atlantique, 3290 hrs.
Limoges, Dennis,  Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada limoges@primus.ca   
  Pilot, CAF, Canada, 5/4/82, 4/9/97, TUTOR/AURORA/AWACS, 3500 hrs.
LIPOHAR, Pete (Lips), Comox, BC, Canada pj_lipohar@yahoo.com
AirNav 407, 404 Sqns, VP30, 8 Sep 83 to Present, cp140, P-3 (2500 Hours)
Lindekugel, Siegfried (Copper Siggi) NAW 3 Nordholz Germany Siggi.Gerri.Lindekugel@t-online.de Flight Engineer Crew 7 12500 Flight Hours  Gold Pin Recipient  I started as a Flight Engineer in march 1974 and 2 month later going into Crew 7. I have been a Member of VPI since 1980 and hold a gold pin.. Now, after 27 years of flying and nearly 27 years in Crew 7, it's time to depart the 1st of April.  I'm leaving the service. My last event will be on a JMC in Kinloss this year (23.02.-11.03.01) 
Lines, Darren “GUMBY”  lines@internode.on.net 407 SQN CF 1993-1999 10 SQN RAAF 2000-2002 292 SQN RAAF 2002-present 4000hrs

, Pete AW1 USN RET, Greeley, CO pdlister@yahoo.com SS1/2/3 VA-83 A-4E (CAG-8 on CVA-59) '64-'66; VP-67 SP-2H '71-'75; VP-60 P-3A/B '75-'78; RESASWTAC '78-'81; VP-68 P-3B '81-'84;  VP-45/49 P-3B '84-'86; Lockheed Flying Operations - P-3P '87-'88; Lockheed System Safety Design Team - P-7 '88-90  -  3000 hrs
Little, Don,  Calgary, AB, Canada littledon@telus.net       Air-Nav, RCAF, Canada, 1964, 1985, Argus, 5500 hrs.  Air Nav (AI & LR), 445/415/407/USN/MAGHQ, CANADA, 58-85,CF100/ARGUS/P3, 5000+ hrs.
Ron, Wellington, , New Zealand rjlogan@geocities.com   
  Nav/TACCO, RNZAF, New Zealand, 08/05/85, 28/05/93, Orion, 3100 hrs.
LORENZ Dennis Lower Sackville Nova Scotia, Navigator Transport, Argus and Aurora, 7472 hours. trinchen@ns.sympatico.ca

Loring, Jim Comox BC Canada j.s.loring@shaw.ca    Dakota, Neptune, Argus, SeaKing and Aurora for 8100 Hrs total(7400 VP, 4300 on Aurora)   VPI President 91-95, Past-President of Comox VPI Wing and OPI for Reunion 2001 in Comox 18 - 21 May 2001
LOVE, D, Flight Engineer, P2V7 Neptune (407 Sqn) 3200 Hours, C130 Herc (435 Sqn) 3033 Hours.
    Pilot Rated, multi engine land & sea; P2V7, PBY5, water bombing. Total Hours 8433. "Oilers can steer". CHARTER MEMBER OF P2000
Loveless, Phillip, (Wade),
Dallas, Texas. AAW, VP-45(2 tours), VP-30(2 tours), VP-47, USN, Ret. 9/2004, P-3C, 5000 hrs.
LYONS, John, Canada jglyons@telus.net Air Observer Rad, 
   405 Sqn. 14/11/52 to 6/12/61. P2V7, Argus, Lanc. 2400 Hrs


McClure, Don, Kanata, Ontario, Canada, donmcclure@sympatico.ca ,ANAV, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 01/09/67 to 01/06/88, Argus, Aurora (3,000 hrs), 404/405/ADAC/MPEU/ASDU/USNPGS
, GP (Peter), Black Creek BC, Canada eieiobc@oberon.ark.com
RCAF/CAF, Canada, 06Sep66-08Sep94, Argus/Hercules/Aurora, VP hrs.4235(Total5630)
MacEwen, Ron , Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, ronmacewen@hotmail.com   Navigator, RCAF/CF, VP404 & VP405, 1967 to 1985, P2V7, Argus, SeaKing, Aurora. VP hours 4200; total flying 12,500.
MacPhail, Callum, Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong SAR canook@netfront.net   
  Pilot, 415 MP Sqn CAF, Canada, 24/05/92, 04/02/96, Aurora, 1580 hrs.
MacKinnon, Ronald, (Ron), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada rmackin@magma.ca   
  AES OP, RCN,CAF, Canada, 19/05/59, 11/02/86, Tracker,SeaKing,Argus,Aurora, 5280 hrs.
MACLAGAN, Richard (Troll,Murk, Grumpy, Sunshine) soon to be Edmonton, AB.Ca majmacnclan@hotmail.com  ANAV (route,jez,ASO,TacNav,&just the Nav) CF, 415 ('78-83&94-99) 404 (83-87) MAGHQ(87-89) NAEWF E-3A (99-03)CP107/CP140/NE-3A, 6600 hrs VPI but pushing 8600 total.
MacWalters, Daniel S AW1 (CPRW5) dsmacwal@hotmail.com
James A., (Tony), Fairfax, VA, USA tmal@erols.com   
  Pilot, US Navy, USA, July 80, Sep 99, P3, 3000 hrs.
Manca, Giovanni, (Giò), Cagliari, Italy, sardinia gdi.manca@tiscalinet.it  Navy, 30° airwing, Italy, 15/02/80, , Atlantic, 4500 hrs.
MARCHAND, Mike  mmarchand@rgv.rr.com
, John F. (Jack), Port Dover, ON, Canada
jackmann@nor-del.com  AIR/RN/RO Pilot   RCAF/CAF, VP404, VP405, VP407, Canada, 07/02/53 to 19/7/92. Lancaster, Neptune, Argus & Aurora. 11,855 Hours Gold Pin Recipient
MARKER, Terry Lincoln, England. 120 Sqn Nimrod (RAF), 11 Sqn P-3 (RAAF) 1972-1980. terry_marker@btinternet.com
MARLEY, Shawn, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, smarley@shaw.ca , Air-Nav, CAF, Canada, Jun/84, Aurora, 3300 hrs.
MARSHALL, Ian, Harpswell, ME, USA, RAF Retired, AEOp then Navigator
Nimrod MR1 &2 from 1976 until retirement in 2005, served on 120, 42, 201 and 206 SQN`s. 11000 hours+. ifmdalvey@comcast.net
, Germano Marques Ventura, Montijo, Portugal. germano.marta@netvisao.pt PoAF Air Staff, P3 Modernization Program Coordinator, Jan 1971 to May 1974 and Oct 1975 to Oct 1996, Neptune 1000 H as Navigator  and from Jul 1988 to Oct1990, Orion 1000 H as TACCO.

Martel, Glen, Riverview, NB, Canada martelg@nb.sympatico.ca  Radio Officer, Pilot, RCAF, CAF, Air Reserve, Canada, 15/10/54, 01/06/81, Lancaster, Neptune, Argus, Tracker.
Martin, Chris (Froggy) - Newcastle, New South Wales Australia - christian.martin@defence.gov.au - Pilot, CF 1982-2003, RAAF 2003-present, CP140 Aurora, AP-3C Orion, B737 AEW&C Wedgetail, 415SQN, 404SQN, Australian Exchange 10SQN, 1CAD A3 CBT RDNS, 92WG HQ and 2SQN. 4600 VP hrs
Marques, Victor, Montijo, Portugal, vitor.marques@netvisao.pt, webpage not applicable,LtCOL Navigator, Mission Cdr, TACCO, Former Director Mission Support Center, Portuguese Air Force 601Squadron, Feb/86 to 31/Sep/97, P2V5, P-3P ORION, 6.500 VPI hours.
Massa, Andy, Hudson, MA, USA ATR2 US Navy, US, 8/1962 – 2/66, Neptune P2V-7 (SP2H) , 1200 hrs. Andy.Massa@covisia.com
Ronald, (Ron), Victoria, BC, Canada romastin@pacificcoast.net    
  Observer/AESOP, , , 17/03/65, 09/07/99, Tracker, Argus, Aurora, Seaking, 6000 hrs.
Matthews, Leslie (les), Auckland, NZ esjanmatt@xtra.co.nz     Navigator, RAF 205 & 201 Sqns, 236 OCU. RNZAF 5 Sqn, NATTS. Shackleton, Nimrod, Friendship. 8800 Hours
Matte, Perry,  Greenwood NS, Canada   Air Nav, CAF, Canada, , , Aurora, 2500 hrs.
MAY, Nige, Sqn Ldr, RAF 42, 120, 203, 204, 206 Sqns and CFI 236 OCU,  6500 hrs Shackleton and Nimrod 1966 – 2005
, Jim, Courtenay, BC, Canada mijnarf@mars.ark.com   
  OM,RadNav,NA,Obs,Aesop, RCN,CF, , 10/01/55, 09/01/85, Avenger,Tracker,Argus,Aurora, 5888 hrs.
McConnell, Al, Comox, BC, Canada almcconn@island.net   
  R.O./Nav., RCAF, Canada, 1959, 1975, Neptune/Argus, 5000 hrs.
McCorkindale, Darryl, (Mork), Auckland, , New Zealand
  AEOP, RNZAF, New Zealand, 13/04/82, , P3K, 4195 hrs.
McCRARY, James (Jim), Lakeville, Minnesota, USA, james.mccrary@lmco.com Mission Commander, TACCO, NAV/COM, VP-49 ('84 - '88), Keflavik TSC ('90 - '92), P-3C, 1700+ hours
, Bill, Newport, NH, USA bmccrill@psisys.net    P-3. CP140 (VP Hours 4555)
McCulloch, Jeff, Adelaide, SA, Australia mculloch@senet.com.au   
  Navigator, RAAF, Australia, 30/01/64, 02/02/98, SP2H, Argus, P3B, P3C, 5665 hrs.
MCGRORY,John, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada  jmcgrory@ns.sympatico.ca  AEO  RAF -UK  201sqn/203 sqn/236 OCU/42 sqn/18GSU(N)/120 sqn/NFTU/DRA(F)  19/01/59 to 4/10/93  Shackleton 3/Nimrod mk1/Nimrod mk2/E-3D 9600 Hours Gold Pin Recipient
MCKEIL, Don "Doc" VP 405,405,and 415 , 9300 hrs docandann@ns.sympatico.ca 
McKenzie W.A. (Bill) Cobourg, Ont. Canada, Billmac@eagle.ca   Pilot VP405, 2 (M) OTU, Left VP449 as CFI, VP404, Argus 4800 hrs., P2V7 900 Hrs. Total 13,000 in 42 years of flying,- Norseman to Challenger with Argus and Neptune in the middle.
McKinney, James, (J. Michael), Patuxent, MD, USA lmichael.mckinney@lmco.com    
  In-Flight Tech., VP-30,VP-11,VP-45,, United States, 07/04/72, 06/04/78, P-3A/B & P-3C Orion, 2500+ hrs.
  1979 became a Lockheed Field Service Rep and have been assigned to   VP-31,VP-46,VP-30,RNLN VSQ-320, RAAF 11 Sqn,VP-47,VP-50,CPW-5, and   CPW-11,Lockheed Martin Korean P-3C Flight Test,and back to Brunswick and CPRW-5.
McLaughlin, Bill   fabco@magma.ca     VP405, Argus Conversion Unit, VP407, Maritime Air Standards Team 4500 Argus hours.  Living in Ottawa.
, Daniel, (Danny), Calgary, Alberta, Canada navdan@ns.sympatico.ca   http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org/
  Air-Nav, CAF, Canada, 28/02/77, 01/09/00, Herc, Aurora, 4500 hrs.
MCMAHON, Dennis, Comox Valley, BC  dhmcmahon@shaw.ca , RO/NAV, VP404/407/415, Exchg RAF Areosystems, MARCOM/MAGHQ, 4500 hrs
McMillan, Gordon, (Sam), Kentville, NS, Canada, gmcmillan@accesswave.ca , Flt Engineer, CWO retired, 1969 –1984, Argus, P3C and Aurora, approx. 7500 hrs
Paul, 'Nonsub', Forres, Moray, Scotland, nonsub@yahoo.com GD/AEO, RAF - ex 120/201/42(R) Sqn, Nimrod Mk1 & Mk2. retired on 31Oct06. 10,905hrs
McPhee, Malcolm USN,  P3AV8TOR@aol.com  Pilot in VP-44, 405 SQN, VP-64 & VP-69 
, James M, (Jim), Yarmouth, NS, Canada jmcrae@klis.com   http://home.klis.com/~jmcrae Comments
  Pilot, RCAF, Canada & Iceland, 07/11/42, 17/08/45, Stranraer & Canso, 1550 hrs.
MEIGHAN, Craig, Canberra, ACT, Australia, craig.meighan@defence.gov.au, Nav, RAAF, Australia, 18 Sep 81, 10SQN, 11SQN, 292SQN, P-3B, P-3C, 4200 hrs.
Meinhold, Volker, (Keith), San Francisco, CA, USA navyboy@aol.com   http://members.aol.com/navyboy
  Sensor 1 and 4, USN, USA, 10/05/80, 18/05/96, USN P-3a/b/c/CUIII, 3462 hrs.
Mens, Jan, (Hammer), Lisse, ZH, The Netherlands jan.mens@uni-one.nl   
  RNLN, RNLN, The Netherlands, 01031985, 01031998, P3C, 3500 hrs.
Mensen, Scott, ADCS, USN, Kapolei, Hawaii, porsche413@aol.com
  P-3 Flight Engineer, VP-46 (76-80), VP-24 (80-82), VP-30 Staff (82-85), VP-6   (85-88), VPU-2 (88-93), VP-30 FE Evaluator (93-96), VPU-2 (96-2001), 14,000 Hrs.
Mercer, Ralph, Oromocto, NB, Canada rmercer@nbnet.nb.ca   personal.nbnet.nb.ca/rmercer
  Flt Eng, CAF, Canada, 03/10/89, 3/3/95, Aurora, 2200 hrs.
MERRIAM, Christopher, Columbia, MD USA   c.merriam@comcast.net  LCDR, USNR, FRS Instructor NFO, VP-11, VP-30, P-3C Updates 1990-96, 2500 hrs.  
Miller, Marvin Milpitas, CA USA mmiller@speakeasy.net P-3 Flight Engineer US Navy VP-40 VP-31 VP-46 CPWP Moffett Field 5000 hours
Milstein, Eric, (Shekky), Sacramento, CA, USA ebmilstein@worldnet.att.net   
  SS-3, NavComm, Tacco, MC, USN, USA, 25/06/82, Present, P-3 A & P-3C UIII
Miner, Randal L. CWO3 USN (RET), 2401 Molly Ln, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-8782, rminer@fair.net
   Acoustic Operator, 2100+ hours in P-3C aircraft.
, Fred, New Orleans, La., USA  mingo2@home.com

    Pilot, USN, USA, 15/01/85, 25/08/87, Aurora, 4500 hrs.

, Max, (persecutor), Cagliari, Italy, Sardinia maxmira@tiscalinet.it   AIR-NAVY, ITALIAN NAVY, ITALY, 01/09/76, 05/02/95, ATLANTIC , 5100 hrs.
Mitchell, David, (Dave), Captain, USN, Vermilion, Ohio, USA, p3dave@yahoo.com, CTF-57 Deputy Commander, Bahrain, 01/30/03 to present, P3-B/P3-C/3,000+ hours
Mitchell, Francis, (Frank), New Orleans, LA, USA mitcheaw@cnrf.nola.navy.mil  
  Acoustic/Nonacoustic Operato, USNR, USA, 19/03/73, present, C-118/P-2/P-3A/B/C,  5975 hrs.
Mitchell, John, Canada Pilot, 405 Sqn, Canada, Jul 93 to present, Aurora/Twin Huey/Sea King, 2000 MPA hrs
Moberly, John. VPI. Radio Op, LR Nav, TACCO, Mission Cdr. Flew with MP404, VP405, VP407 & VP415. Exchange USN tour with WingsPat 5, NAS Brunswick, Maine. Time on Neptunes, Argus, P-3’s (A,B,C)
Monk, Tim, Jacksonville, FL, USA, monks@bellsouth.net, Nav/TACCO, 42,201 and 206 Sqns RAF and currently VP30 RAF exchange, 05/01/90 to present, Nimrod and P3C, 4000hrs.
MOORE, Terry, Non-Acoustic operator and the observer and positional instructor with VP 91 with 3,300 hours in the P-3A, B and B-mod aircraft. Active duty Oct 1982 to Oct 1986 and then in the reserves with the Squadron. tmoptio@comcast.net
, Ron, (Moe), Carrying Place, Ontario, Canada rmoreash@blvl.igs.net   
  , RCAF 51-83, Canada, 29/3/51, 29/3/83, Lanc, Neptune, Argus, hrs.
morgan, j l
(Les), Kinloss, Scotland, morgan.les@btinternet.com, AEO, RAF, 1963 to 2000, Shackleton, Nimrod and Aurora, 7700hrs Ballykelly, St Mawgan, Kinloss, Greenwood, Gibraltar, Naples 120 Sqn, 201 Sqn, 203 Sqn, 236 OCU, MP&EU.
Morey, Gerald, (Gerry), Greenwood NS, Canada gmorey@is2.dal.ca   Air Nav, CAF, Canada, 05/09/69, , Argus, Aurora.
Morrell, Ken, Seattle, WA. USA, kdrak.morrell@verizon.net      TACCO, USN VP-48, VP-50, VP-19, VP-9, COMFAIRKEF, CPW-10 1974-2001, 2800 Hrs
Morris, Barry - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - bmorrisc212@rogers.com - RO/ANAV, RCAF/CAF, Canada - Sep 62-Sep87 - Neptune/ Argus/Aurora - 5000 hr - 407/407/MPEU
Jeff; Berwick, NS jeffmorris77@gmail.com Pilot, 407 Suadron, CAF 03/76 to 09/86; Argus, Aurora, 2335 hrs. 
Morris, Robert, (Bob), Jerrabomberra, NSW, Australia robert.morris2619@hotmail.com AE, RAAF, Australia, 21/01/85, 01/11/12, P3C and AP-3C, 7000 hrs. Australian (Edinburgh Wing) VPI President 1997-1998.
Mosier, L
ouis, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, louis.mosier@navy.mil ; former P-3 pilot, LCDR USN (retired); VP-50, ASWOC Adak, VP-9, NAS Barbers Point, TSC Keflavik/COMFAIRKEF; 14APR84 to 01JUN02; all P-3C Orion (except for 5 hours Atlantique); 2900+ VP hours; served two years as Air ASW Analyst (civilian) in SHAREM Program at US Navy's Surface Warfare Development Group; now ASW Doctrine Developer (USN civilian) at Fleet ASW Command Detachment Norfolk.
MUINCK KEIZER, Egbert P. de ("DMK"), Santpoort-Zuid, the Netherlands
egbertdmk@gmail.com Navigator 1984-2004, Tacco P3C, Tacnav CP 140 Aurora. 2(NL)SQN, 7(NL)SQN, 320(NL)SQN, 321(NL)SQN. 415 SQN (1993-1996) Editor MPA Magazine 1994-1996. President Valkenburg Wing: 1990 - 1993 and 1996 - 2004. 4100hrs
Muir, Gregory, gmuir@cox.net  gregory.muir@navy.mil  VP-24, CPRW-11, VP-16, and CTF-84. Served as NAVCOM, TACCO, Mission Commander in P-3C.
Mulder, Frank, Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands frank.mulder@casema.nl    Sensor operator/Inflight Techn., RNLN, The Netherlands, 11/08/76, 04/01/99, P2 neptune / P3 C , 8145 hrs.
Mullen, Jeff  Fleet ASW Command, Det Norfolk,
Murray, Kevin, Canberra, ACT, Australia, the_murrays@hotmail.com Nav, RAAF, Australia, CF: VP407 '82-87, RAAF: 11SQN, 10SQN, '87-'98 92WGDETA (Malaysia) '99-'00 , CP-140, P-3C, 5100> VP hrs.


Nash, Harry, Ontario, Canada harry@canukus.com   
  RO/Nav, RCAF/CF, Canada, 26/7/65, 2/4/97, Argus, Hercules, AWACS, 3800 hrs.
Nelsen, David, (Trooper), Patuxent River, MD, USA danelsen@alum.rpi.edu, PPC/PPMC, USN, United States, 11/01/91, 10/08/04, P-3 Orion, 2070 hrs.
Nelson, Bob, Tequesta, FL, USA SUDABAY@aol.com     Driver, VP-21, VP-30, VP-11 p;us, USA, 6-6-49, 9-1-80, P-2 & P-3, 5000+ hrs
Illo A. (Igloo) Geilenkirchen, Germany illo@glinx.com Maj, CF, NAEW and C Force  3194 Hrs CP-140 1994 - 2005
Melvin, (Mel), Cambridge, Idaho, USA mbn@cyberhighway.net   Pilot, USAF ATS, US, 5/4/41, 7/15/46 , C47 DC3, 2100 hrs.
 Newman, Darrel, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada darreljn@canada.com   
  AirNav, 407,407,449,MPEU,407, Canada, 01/10/61, 15/01/87, Neptune, Argus, Aurora, 5200 hrs.
Newth, (Spider), UK, spider.newth@baesystems.com President Warton Wing, AEOp (Dry), RNZAF: 5 Sqn 31/01/86 - 12/10/90, RAF: 201 Sqn,MRA4 JTT Current,P-3K, Nimrod MR2, C-47, 4900 hrs.
Nicholas, Albert, New Era, Michigan, USA nichoae@voyager.net   
  Aviation Electronics, USN VP9, USA, 1959, 1962, P2V-7, ? hrs.
Nielson, Art, Colorado Sprongs, Colorado, USA arnielsen@adelphia.net   Pilot, RCN/RCAF, Canada 1962 - 1996, Tracker, Aurora, 5500 hours
NOBLE, Leon (Ig), Henley Beach, SA, Australia ,10 Sqn (71-5), 415 Sqn (75-78) 10 Sqn (78-9). Retired
NURSE, Dave (Dive) Belleville, Ontario Canada; davenurse@sympatico.ca; ANAV 407 (MP) Sqn Comox BC04/01/85-20/7/89; TacNav CP140 Aurora; 1922 hrs
Nyberg, Gerald (Jerry), Jacksonville, Florida nyberg@peoplpc.com  
Pilot, COMPATRECONWING ELEVEN, USA, 1985 to present, P-3, 3000 hrs


Olscamp, Edward, (Ed), Nictaux, Nova Scotia, Canada bearcatREMOVETHIS@bigfoot.com http://aesop.freewebsites.com Observer, AESOP, RCAF, CAF, USN VP56, Canada, 19/10/64, 30/06/95, Dakota,Tracker,Argus,P3C Orion,Aurora, 6000+ hrs.
Oliveira, Luís Carlos Salvador,Bahia,Brazil, deoliveir@uol.com.br , http://codaquebleque.zip.net , Flight Engineer, 1°/7° GAv, Brazil, 26/07/1984, P-95B, 3000 hrs.

Odlin,    Keith, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada k2odlin@ns.sympatico.ca Into civvy street retrained - Paramedic. Formally MAOM RNZAF No. 5 Sqn Whenuapai, NZ. Oct 82 - Feb 96, P3B/K 6400 Hrs 
OSMOND (nee PERRON) Marie-Claude, (Marie), nee PERRON Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada marieclaude68@hotmail.com  Air-Nav, 405, MP&EU, 415 & 404 Sqns, Canada, 03/09/91, Present, Aurora, 3200 hrs.
Roch (Rocky) , present CEFCOM Ottawa, Ont, Can, E-Mail ouellet.jlr@forces.gc.ca , ANAV - Navcom, ASO, Tacnav, 415 Sqn (1), 405 Sqn (2), 404 Sqn (1), 1980 to present, CP-140 Aurora, 6000 Hrs.
, Gary, Victoria, BC, Canada, gousey@pacificcoast.net , Navigator (retired), Canada, 20 Apr 60 to June 88, Neptune, Argus & Aurora, 5100 hrs.
Overman, William Jackson "Jack" , Jr., CDR, USN (Ret) 110 Puddle Lane, Manteo, NC 27954-9595, USA. Phone/Fax 252-473-2126 fourbranch@earthlink.net  I was a Pilot in ZP-1, VP-44, VP-30 (Det A), and VP-47.  I had in excess of 5000 hours of pilot time.  My years of service were 1954 - 1974. I flew 4K airships, PBMs, P5M1 & 2, and P3A (Deltic configuration).
OVERMAN, William J, Captain, USN,
former blimp, P-5M, and P-3A pilot (ZP-1, VP-44, VP-47). overmnw@attglobal.net


PACHECO, José, Portugal, joserspacheco@clix.pt P-3 PPC / IP, Portuguese Air Force - 601Sqn Commanding Officer, 5000Hours.
, Robert,, Ravenna, Ohio, USA : P3RADIO@PRODIGY.NET   
  Radio Operator, USNR, USA, 1979, 1994, P-3A/B, 2020 hrs.
Parsons, Harry, (Herb), San Jose, CA, USA harry.parsons@lmco.com   
  Julie (P2) - FE (P3), USN, USA, 01/06/66, 31/12/94, P2V-7 & P3A/B/C-UIII, 5057 hrs.
Patrick, Ian, (Ian), Aylesford, NS, Canada ipatrick@ns.sympatico.ca   7 Feb 54 - 13 Apr 93, Argus/Aurora, 3000 hrs. Pilot, RCAF/CF, Canada, 
PRENDERGAST, Richard Wellended, Commander USN Retired,
P-3 Tacco  previous squadrons VP-23 Brunswick, Maine, VP-30 Jacksonville, Florida and VP-46 Moffet Field, California. U.S.N. years of service 1968-1995.
Perron, Wilfrid , (Wilf ), Orleans, Ontario, Canada perron0086@rogers.com Gold Pin Recipient 
  Radio Officer/Navigator, RCAF/CAF, CANADA, 3 Jan 62, 23 Jun 93, C47/CR7/Neptune/Argus/Aurora, 9600 hrs.
Perry, Andrew, (BH), Adelaide, South Australia    NAVCOMM/TACCO, RAAF, Australia,  P-3C, AP-3C, 3000 hrs. Director Aerospace, Defence SA      Andrew.Perry@defencesa.com
PESSOA, Jose Sintra, Portugal COMANDOBA1@MAIL.PT   
  Air Base 1 C.O., Portugal, C-130 P-3 C-212, 7000 hrs.
Peters,Theodore A.[Pete] AX3  VP-42  1964-1965. Observer: Whidbey, Adak, Kodiak, Aleutians, Pacific Misawa, Iwakuni, Sangley, Subic, Than Son Nhut, DeNang, Guam, Wake, Midway, Hawaii.  Mad Jezebel Camera .
, William, Chesapeake, VA, USA, william.peterson@att.net TACCO/TACNAV, USN-NAVAIR,Orion/Aurora, 2440 Hrs.

PHILPOTT, Roy, Canberra, ACT, Australia, rtmt@optusnet.com.au TACNAV(415(MP)SQN) 90-95, EWO(434(EW)SQN))95-97, TACCO 11SQN RAAF 97-03, 10SQN RAAF 03-06. SEA KING, CP 140 Aurora,
ET-33 Silverstar, CE-144 Challenger, P3C Orion, AP3C Orion.  

Phoenix, M. Dave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, arguswg@yahoo.ca RN/RO, Pilot, RCAF/CAF, 415 Sqn,  429 Sqn, 407 Sqn, 06/06/60-15/08/92, P2V,C-45,C-47,Argus, 5518 hrs VP time.
Pierce,Geoff, Auckland NZ.  geoff.pierce@nzdf.mil.nz 5 Sqn RNZAF 1990-1999, AEOp  2005- AEO P3B/K  3900 hrs .
, Simon Alymer Quebec  simonpicard@videotron.ca
Pitcher, Robert, Halifax, NS, Canada, pitcher.ra@forces.gc.ca  or rob_pitcher@hotmail.com , ANAV, 415 (MP) Sqns Dec 1991 - Jul 1995, 405 (MP) Sqn Jul 1995 - Jul 2000, VP-30 (USN) Aug 2000 - Aug 2003 CP-140 & P-3, 3000 hrs +
Pleasants, Graeme, (GATS), Wanganui, N.I., New Zealand gats@clear.net.nz   
  AOM/AEOP, RNZAF, New Zealand, 1969, 1996, P3B/K, 9035 hrs. Gold Pin Recipient

Bob Retired P-3 USN NFO  rpleban@rpicorp.net

, Dennis, FPO, AP, USA orionfe@aol.com  ASW, VP-47, US Navy, 6/85, Present, Orion , 6300 hrs.
Podlogar, Kurt (Kpod), Lansdale, PA, USA, thepodlogars@comcast.net, TACCO, US Navy, VP-48 (87-90), VP-30 (90-93), VP-90 (93-94), VP-66 (96-97), VQ-11 (97-98), RATCEN (98-00, 03-05), VP-92 (00-02), CPRW5 02-03), P-3 B, Baseline C, UII, UIII, BMUP, 3300 Hhs. Pratt Eddie,  rocksteady587@hotmail.com
Popowich, Richard (Dick), Halifax, NS, Canada, rmp@eastlink.ca , RCAF/CAF 1959 – 1982, Air-Nav (AI & LR), Air-Pilot. Three VPI tours: MP 404 –Nav (LR), Argus, 1963-65 / MP 407 -Pilot, Argus, 1971-74 / VP49 USN – Pilot, P3C Orion, 1974-77.
, Bill, Wesr Vancouver, BC, Canada, billprentice@shaw.ca  Pilot, RCAF 404 Sqn, Greenwood NS, 53-56 Lancaster, Neptune 1100 Hrs.
Price, David, Green Cove Springs, FL, USA prices@ix.netcom.com   http://www2.netcom.com/~prices/
  pilot/PPC/IP, Patrol Wing ELEVEN, USN, USA, 03/87, present, P-3C , 1807 hrs.
Price, Michael (Mike), Canberra, ACT, Australia, Michael.Price@defence.gov.au, Pilot, RAAF - 10SQN, Australia, 87-89, 94-97, 98-2000; 92WG (DETCDR Butterworth 01-02); 292SQN 89-91; CAF - 415SQN, Canada, 92-94, P-3C, CP140, 6200hrs.
, Ron, (Ron), Chesapeake, VA,
USA rprice14@cox.net   http://www2.netcom.com/~prices/   Comments
  Jezebel, USN, USA, 04/06/62, 01/08/90, P2V-7,P3A/B's, S-2, 4200 hrs.
Publicover, Doug (Pubs), Kingston, NS Canada, Past President 14 Wing VPI, past Vice-President Edinburgh Wing, 405 Sqn 2001-07, 404 Sqn 07-09, 10 Sqn RAAF Edinburgh 09-12, 404 Sqn 12-13, MP&EU 13-present 4200 hrs combined CP-140 & AP-3C. (Passed President of VPI)

Rancourt, Ghislain, Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada rancourt@glinx.com   
  Air-Nav, CF, Canada, 04/01/89, now, Aurora, 3000 hrs.
RAVERY (Andy), Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, ravary@btopenworld.com, AESOp, 415 Sqn, CA, 01/08/1997 to 10/04/2000, ARAF, 11/04/2000 to 15/01/2002, Tracker, Aurora, 3338.4 VP Hours
, Merrick, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, merrick_redden@yahoo.com, ,    ASO, 415 (M) Sqn, 31/03/93 to 30/06/99, CP140/A, 2000 hrs.
Remy, James, (Remus), Pensacola, Fl, USA jremy36536@aol.com   
  Acoustic & Non Acoustic, USN, United States, 17/03/80, 21/01/97, P3B/C, 3600 hrs.
Ressa Francesco,  (Ciccio), C°1^ Cl. Rt/Ov  Cagliari, Sardegna, Italia
f.ressa@tiscali.it   Acoustic operator, BR1150 Atlantic of Italian Navy, 25/07/90, 3600 hrs.
, Paul in Ottawa. Paul.r818@rogers.com Nav, 52  to 77, served on 405 and 415 Squadrons, taught in Winnipeg, USAF Academy. Flew Lancaster, Neptune and Argus.
, David , (Dave), Trenton, Ontario, Canada jdroach@sympatico.ca   
  Flight Engineer, RCAF, Canada, 15/03/78, 15/07/97, CP107 Argus,CP140 Aurora, 6000 hrs.
ROBERT, Georges: Ottawa (Orléans), ON; geoloulou@aol.com ; RCAF/CF, Radio Officer/Air Nav, 11 Oct 57 to 22 Jan 93; 407(MP) Sqn/ 42 Radar Sqn/ 404(MP)  Sqn/ VP405/ Bops/ DIAC/ MAGHQ/ NDHQ(DPIS and DIE); H34/C45/B25/C47/P2V7/CP107; total hours 6951; MP/VP hours 6237
Roberts, John, (Jake), Papillion, Nebraska, US jake24@home.com   
  TACCO, Mission Commander, USN, US, 17/09/78, present, T2C, T43, P3B/C, Nimrod , 3900 hrs.
Robinson, Bruce, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA robinsonbc@aol.com   
  ANav, CAF/RCAF, Canada, 1/09/64, 8/11/90, P2V7,Argus,Aurora, 6000 hrs.
Rowe, Ron,
 6 Esseltine Dr, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 0C3 E-mail:  rjrdc10@gmaail.com   RN/RO & Pilot, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 09/08/61, 12/11/74, Neptune/Argus.
Roy, Gord, Comox, BC, Canada gordedie@island.net   
  AESOP, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 10/08/54, 18/08/85, Argus/Aurora, 6200 hrs.
Roy, Jacques, Orleans, Ont, CANADA jockco@netcom.ca   
  FE, RCAF / CAF, Canada, 31/08/81, 19/04/89, Aurora, 2741 hrs.
Ruohoniemi, , (Bob), Ellershouse, NS, Canada bobruoho@ns.sympatico.ca   
  RO/NAV, RCAF/CF, Canada, 30/11/56, 23/05/93, Lancaster, Neptune,Argus,P3B, 7442 hrs.

SANDS Rob (Suds) Henley Beach, South Australia, Australia, castor@adam.com.au    Flight Engineer, RAAF, 1980 to 1987, P3B and P3C, 4000 Hrs.
Santerre, Gilbert, St-Honoré, Qc. gilbertsanterre@hotmail.com
, Ron (Rootbear), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, sarich@magma.ca, Pilot, 415 Sqn, Maritime Proving & Evaluation Unit, 24/09/81 to 22/03/93, CP140 Aurora, 3700 hrs

Patrick, (Pat), Kingston, Ontario, Canada psauln@aracnet.net   
   226 Rdr Sqn, , 17/09/69, 19/10/98, , hrs.
Saunders, Fenton (Sandy) Ottawa Ontario Canada, fentsaunders@specgas.com RO/Nav, VP404 Canada, Argus 70-78
Sayers, Pete, (Pete), Aylesford, NS, Canada  pgsayers@ns.sympatico.ca Flight Engineer, RCAF/CAF 16/10/51, 09/01/86, North Star (3200hrs), P2V7 Neptune, Argus,Aurora. 11000 hrs Maritime. (426T), 407, 2(M)OTU, 415, MAST, 405, BCWO.
Gold Pin Recipient

SCHMÜCKEL,  François, Paris, France, smkf@noos.fr Pilot, French Navy, 01/09/73 to 31/08/96, C47 Dakota, BR1150 Atlantic, 4000+hrs
Schneider, Ron Stittsville Ontario K2S 1G7 .  email: ronfran@sympatico.ca.  Argus 3500 hours and Aurora 200 hours.  CAF Navigator 7 Sept 1967 to 7 September 1989 .
Schultz, Edmund ATC Farmington , MN . IFT VP-40 (71-77), VP-62 (93-00), Lockheed Test Crew, Portugal P-3P (88-90),CP-140A (91-93), P-3C Production Deliveries (94-97) JP-3C Updates at Kawasaki (90-91), U.S. Customs AEW P-3 (98-00). Total P-3 Time 3,500 hours. Email:  trainman285@yahoo.com
Scoles, Joe James, (Joe), Ottawa, OPntario, Canada scolej@cyberus.ca   TC Safety & Security - Aviation
  Flight Navigator, RCAF & CAF, Canada, 01/09/53, 01/11/74, Lank, P2V7 and Argus, 8000 hrs.
SCOTT, John Rockwood, Ontario, dunroamin@cogeco.ca RCAF/CAF  05/09/1967 - 27/06/1988, VPC P2V7,407 Sqn VPCC CP 107 415 Sqn , CC130 435 Sqn, DHc 7 412 Sqn , RSU Edmonton Twin Otter, Be 80/Be 90 Transport Canada, Canada 3000 Airlines B757, A320. accumulated 18,000 + hrs
 Sell, John , (Jack), Coppell, Texas, USA jsell@sprintmail.com   
  Pilot, USN, United States, 03SEP67, 01AUG89, Orion, 5500 hrs.
 Sexton, Bob, Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada bsexton@ns.sympatico.ca   
  RO, NAV, PILOT, 405,415,449, 2(M)OTU Sqns, CANADA, 23/11/60, 10/07/94, Neptune, Argus, Aurora, , 5600 hrs.
 Siegert, Frederick W., (Bill), Greensboro, NC, USA billsieg01@aol.com   
  PPC/MC, USN, USA, 09/20/68, 07/31/92, P-3A/B/C Orion, 5250 hrs.
Siemon, Walt, Newark, CA, USA Tronso@aol.com   
  Plane Capt.,F/E,Crew Chief, USN, USA, 1/10/51, 01/01/85, P2V-5, P3A,C9B , 3000 hrs.
 Simshaeuser, Karl, (Charly), Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, Germany ksimshauser@t-online.de   
Operator wet&dry, , , 04.01.66, 01.10.00 Br 1150 Atlantic, 9500 hrs. Gold Pin Recipient
Small, Terry, Courtenay, BC Canada, fuzzyone@shaw.ca ANav, 407 Sqn 76-81, MAST Halifax 81-84, 407 Sqn 84-85, CFB Comox 85-89 6400 Hrs
, LT Guy K., USN (Ret) E-mail: gksmalt@comcast.net VP-8 (2 tours) CPW-5 PW-1 Det Diego Garcia,TSC Lajes Field, Azores, VP-10 OIC, FMP MOCC Brunswick, ME OIC, CRPWL MOCC.
, Janvier, (Jan), Topsham, ME, USA jansmith@maine.com   www.maine.com/jansmith
  TACCO, USN, United States, 05/25/72, 09/15/94, P-3C, 2800 hrs.
SMITH, Reg, Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada reg_smith41@ns.sympatico.ca AESOP, Canadian Forces, Aurora, 3700 hrs.
Soltis, John, (Summer), Kathleen, Georgia, USA dijack@cyberhighway.net   
  Nav/TACCO, U.S. Navy, USA, 20/12/82, 01/03/91, P-3C , 1645 hrs.
SPEIGHT, William "Bill", UK, Flight Engineer, Shackelton 204 Squadron, Nimrod Mk1 and Mk2, 42 Squadron, 206 Squadron. Civilian flying B747/100/200/300. 17,000 flying hours. dragon4611@yahoo.co.uk  Gold Pin Recipient
Michael, (Spanna), Canberra, ACT, Australia Michael.Spencer@cbr.defence.gov.au   
  Navigator/Sensor Operator, RAAF, Australia, 15dec84, 15oct89, P-3C Orion, 2700 hrs.
Spink, Tom, Sunnyvale, CA, USA tom.spink@att.net TACCO & NAV, USNR, VP-46/31/91, USA, 04/01/69, 09/05/99, P-3A/B/B-Mod, 4600 hrs.
Squire, Chris, Comox, B.C., Canada
cesquire@shaw.ca   Gold Pin Recipient
  Pilot, RCAF/CAF/RAAF, Canada/Australia, 25/06/63, 14/06/99, Argus/P3C/Aurora, 10215 hrs.
Squire, Derek,  derek.squire@bellaliant.net    Radio Officer/Navigator/Pilot, RCAF/CAF, Canada, Argus/ Dakota/Tutor/Buffalo/Aurora, 12,300hrs.
St Pierre, Larry, Seattle, WA, USA, larrystpierre8@hotmail.com, no web page, cell 206-898-2000, home/work 425-821-0303, Naval Flight Officer, USN Retired, Oct 73-Feb 94, P-3B Mod, almost 3,000 VP flight hours, VP-10 and VP-6.
Stambaugh, Roger, Bellingham, Wa, USA pericowest@aol.com   
  PATROL PLANE COMANDER, VP-19, USA, 04/08/58, 02/02/80, NEPTUNE , 4200 hrs.
Stanick, Jim, Halifax N.S. Canada, ANAV RCAF. 405 Sqn, 404 Sqn, 423 Sqn, 405 Sqn, 3942 hrs, stanick.jm@gmail.com
Ron, Fergus, Ontario, Canada phoenix@phoenixbldg.com   http://www.phoenixbldg.com
  Pilot, 415 Sqn, RCAF, Canada, 01/01/63, present, Argus,Neptune, 2100 hrs.

Andy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, andy.stephaniuk@gdcanada.com , astephc563@rogers.com , ESO, ANAV, Canadian Forces, VP-407: 69-73, MPEU: 74-77, VP-405: 78-80, ASDU: 80-84, MPEU: 84-86, Argus, Aurora, 8000 hrs.
Stewart, Andy, Heathfield, East Sussex, UK, awjstewart@aol.com.
Navigator, RAF- 120, 206, 42, and 201 Squadrons.  CF - 415 Sqn, UK, 25/02/1972 to  15/03/98, Nimrod Mk1 and MR2; Aurora,  7700 hrs.

Ric (Stoney), Doylestown , PA USA ricstone@yahoo.com, TACCO, VX-1, VP-56, FASOJAX, VP-66, CMSRF6thFLT, 3500 hrs.
, Brian, Lexington Park, MD, United States storeybj@erols.com   
  AIR-TACCO, US NAVY, UNITED STATES, 26/04/76, 01/06/99, ORION, 2600 hrs.
STOWELL, John, RAF High Wycombe, UK  john.stowell307@mod.uk  AEO/WSO, Nimrod MR2 - 42 Sqn 1988-1992, Nimrod MR2 - 201 Sqn 1992-1994, Nimrod R1 - 51 Sqn 1996-1998 & 2000-2003. 2100 hrs Nimrod MR2 & 1900 hrs Nimrod R1 .
Stringer, Kenneth, Sanford, FL, US StingerKnL@msn.com Radar/ESM (SS-3) VP-6, VP-16, VP-30, VP-4, US, 28/09/85, 30/08/05, P-3B & P-3C, Retired,  5700 hrs.
Ernest (Ernie), RCAF 1951 until 1971. 2MOTU & 404 Squadron Flight Engineer 1967 Neptune, Agrus 1971. 2065 hrs. lasupp@EastLink.ca
Joseph T. E. , (Willy), Nanaimo, BC, Canada w. sutton@telus.net   
  aeroengine, RCAF, Canada, Oct/57, Nov/70, , hrs.stationed at St. Huhert 416,425 & EWU Sqns. Sumerside 415Sqn.
Sydney-Jones, Phillip, (Syd), Edinburgh, Australia, sydneyjones@bigpond.com, TACCO/NAV, 11SQN, 292SQN, 10SQN, VP-30 USN, 92WG ATE, 
1992-present, P3C, AIP, AP3C, 4200 hrs.
Szawara, Albert, (Satch), London, Ontario, Canada albert.szawara@sympatico.ca    
  Radio Officer & Air Nav, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 22/02/61, 31/07/95, Argus, 7142 hrs. Comments
Szillus, Kenneth, (Kenny), Topsham, ME, USA KENNY@CLINIC.NET   
  Non-Acoustic, VP-92 U.S.N.R , USA, 27/06/88, PRESENT, P-3C ORION , 2,900 hrs.

 Tank, Arthur, (Art), Shelby Township, MI 48316, USA Arthur.N.Tank@AEXP.com   
  Pilot, , Canada, 10/31/19, 10/01/19, P-3C's and CP-107 Argus, 6000 hrs.
Temple, Stephen, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States Stevieray6@aol.com   
  Sensor 1,2,3 Operator, COMPATWINGSPAC, United States, 29/03/80, Present, P3 a,b,c Orion,Aurora , 4400 hrs.
Timmerman, Pim, Leiderdorp, , Netherlands pimenyf.timmerman@hccnet.nl   
  TACCO, XO 320 Sqn RNLN, Netherlands, 01/02/86, 01/12/99, P3C Update 2.5, 3000 hrs.
Tocher, Mark  tokes@cox.net
TOFT, Greg, Pilot, 11 Squadron RAAF, AP-3c, 6880 Hours,
(Thom) M. Thomas (AW1, USN Ret) Topsham, ME, USA. Served '74-'94, 3400+ hrs, TSC Moffett Field VP-44 ASWOC Rota VP-23 FASO Brunswick PCU/USS George Washington, CVN-73.
, David, (Dave), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada dlthompson@sympatico.ca  
  Radio Officer/Air Navigator, RCAF/CF, Canada, 08/12/65, Present, Neptune/Argus/Aurora, 6389 hrs.
THOMPSON, GK, Bridgewater, NS, Canada. ANav 404 Sqn 68-73 and 74-75, 405 Sqn 75-76 and 415 Sqn 81-88 thompsons12@hotmail.ca
, Micheal, (Mike), Oklahoma City, OK, USA thompson4@tacamo.navy.mil   
  FCO/IFT, VP-31, VP-6, VP-22, USA, 20/08/78, 18/11/92, P3A/P3B/P3BMOD, 5872 hrs.
Thorne, Dave, (Dave), Waddo, , UK DaveThorne@msn   
  AEO, RAF, UK, 11/02/78, 30/10/95, Nimrod MR1/ 2, 4000+ hrs.
Thorne, Michael, (Taff), Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom 
  Air Electronics/Air Gunner, , Royal Air Force, 11/08/52, 12/07/88,      Lancaster/Shackleton/Nimrod, 3000 hrs.

Wolfgang, German Navy, BR 1150 Atlantique between 1995 and 1998. In 2008 joined 2 Squadron in Nordholz to become an Acoustic Operator on the P3C Orion. I have nearly 2400 flight hours in total and I am still flying strong.  wolfgang_tillmanns@web.de

, Raymond J. (Ray)  Houston, Texas USA; NAVCOMM, TACCO, MISSION COMMANDER 3100 hours, CDR; raymond.torp@navy.mil ; VP-40 NAS Moffett Field, California 1985-1989; Tactical Support Center Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory 1993-1994; VP-94 NAS New Orleans, Louisiana 1994-2002; Naval Reserve Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Detachment Sigonella, Italy 2003-2005.
, Steve, Shearwater , Nova Scotia , Canada , asuwaswaaw@yahoo.com  AESOP, CAF, 415 Sqn, Canada , 29/05/85 to Present, CP-140, 3700 hours.
TREMBLAY, Luc, Victoria BC, Canada theairman@shaw.ca AES OP, 407, 405, 415 Sqns, Central Flying School, Jan 85-present, Tracker,Aurora, 4300 hrs
Tveit, Odd Arvid, Andoya, Norway. oatveit@start.no  NAV/TACCO, RNoAF 333 sqn, 3000 P-3 hrs  Homepage http://home.no.net/oatveit/index.htm

Uhlenbruch, Nils, Nordholz, , Germany schatziitis@t-online.de   
  1st as NAV - now as TACO , FGN, Germany, 01/07/96, present, GE BR 1150 Atlantic , 1200 hrs.

van der Padt, Arjo, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, arjovanderpadt@home.com TACCO, NL2SQN/NL321SQN/NL320SQN/VP30, 010981 - 130197, Atlantic/P3C, 4000 hrs.
Vaughn, Chris, Oegstgeest, Zuid Holland, Netherlands orynift@freewwweb.com   
  Inflight Technician, RNLN 320, NETHERLANDS, 15/10/84, PRESENT, US P-3C II.5, P-3C III, RNLN P-3C 11.5 , 4500 hrs.
 verloop, kees, katwijk a/zee, Holland k_verloop@hotmail.com   P-3C Instr FE,  Atlantic, P-3C Orion,  4700 hours
Vidro, Michael , (Mike), Vineland, NJ, USA vidro@prodigy.net     USN, VP46, VP66 USN, USA, 01/10/89, 01/05/99, P3C Orion , 2150 hrs.
Villar, Juan Luis, Rota, Cadiz, Spain,  villarlanuza@terra.es TACCO, ALA 22,ALA 21, ALA 11, 01.04.84 TO 01.09.00  5500 HRS
Vollbrecht, Melville W. , (Mel), Newbury Park, CA, USA ILME@AOL.COM    Comments
  Observer, U.S. NAVY, USA, 19/06/57, 01/10/78, Orion.

waeghe, Paul, AFCM USN Ret'd, Flight Engineer, Pjwaeghe@aol.com Gold Pin Recipient
     VP 22, 31, 56, 30 & 16, CNO P-3, Currently flying P-3 AEW & Slicks with US Customs (11,000 P-3 Hours)
Wadelius, Leif-Erik, (Leif), Comox, BC, Canada leifw@shaw.ca   http://members.shaw.ca/leifw
  Air Nav, RCAF/CF, Canada, 02/07/64, 28/10/96, Dakota, Neptune, Argus, Orion, Aurora, 4502 hrs.
Wagner, Ed  Work - wagner_edward@bah.com  Home - eswags@aol.com
Waldie, Richard, (Dick), Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, rgwaldie@tpg.com.au, AEA, 11SQN RAAF, Australia, Jan 1988, Jul 2002, P3C, 4650 hrs
Walker, Timothy, (Tim), Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA tmwalker@bellsouth.net   
  SS#3 Radar/ESM, Navy, USA, 19/08/74, 01/04/95, P-3A/B/C Orion, 6700 hrs.
WALLS Tom Winnipeg Mb Canada RO/ANAV RCAF/CAF 09/08/61 - 28/03/96 Neptune, Argus 6900 hrs VPI time with 404 Sqn, 449 Sqn, 407 Sqn
Frederick (Fred), Courtenay, BC, Canada siranzak@home.com   
AIR/NAV, RCAF/CF, Canada, 28/12/61-10/10/96, Neptune, Argus, Aurora 3900 hrs.
Warneford, Gregory, LCdr USN (ret). VP-48 and VX-1 in the 70s and 80s   skyking239@gmail.com
, Arthur, (Art), Greenwood, NS, Canada awatkins@ns.sympatico.ca   Flight Engineer, RCAF\CAF, Canada, 03\01\61, 05\01\86, Neptune\Argus\Aurora, 13558 hrs. Comments
Watson, Stewart (Stu), Wellington, New Zealand, stu@stewartwatson.com, Navigator, RAF, UK 04/02/1974 to 11/08/2005, RNZAF, New Zealand, 29/09/2005 to date, Nimrod MR1, MR2, P-3K, 8500.

Garry, RO/NAV,RCAF/CAF, 15/09/55 - 15/08/83, EXP/DAK/LANC/NEPTUNE/ARGUS/AURORA, 6800hrs.

Weisbrod, David, (Wiz), Pensacola, FL (32514), USA dweisbrod@gulf.net   
  Radio, Radar, Jez/Julie, Tacco, VP-4, 9, 19, 31, 48, CPWP, CNO, USA, 1953, 1984, P2V4/5/7, P3A/B/C, 6870 hrs.
Welin, Eric, Dartmouth, NS, Canada margie.welin@ns.sympatico.ca   
  AES OP, RCAF /CAF, Canada, 02/03/60, 03/11/97, Argus/USN P3C/Aurora/SeaKing.
West, Michael, Walnut Creek, CA, USA mike.west@lmco.com OR TSC887CSC@aol.com  
  SS-3, EWO, USN/USNR, USA, 06/06/76, 07/14/94, P-3A/B/C-UIII, 5023 hrs.
Whitson, Gord, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada gwhitson@ilos.net   
  RO, RCAF/CAF, Canada, 10/10/60, 30/06/88, Exp/Dak/Neptune/Argus/Herc, 4000 hrs.
 Wiles, Gehrig, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, gwiles@bellsouth.net
        TACCO - US Navy - VP-48, 77-80 (Moffett) - COMFAIRKEF, 80-83 (Keflavik)
         VAQ-33, 87-90 (Key West) - P3-C / EP3-A - 2000+ HRS.
Graham, Delta B.C. Canada ngw@dccnet.com
AirNav, VP404 Sep 70 - Jun 74, ADAC Halifax Jun 74 - Feb 77. 1500 Hrs Argus/Fincastle 73

Williams, Mike. EVA Air, Taoyuan, Taiwan. mikeyw@ibm.net   
       Pilot RCAF/CF, Argus/Aurora, 5600hrs, 404/407
Williamson Pete, UK,  Pilot, RAF, 206 Sqn/405 Sqn, Nimrod/Aurora, 3500 hrs. 
Wilson, George, Peachtree City, GA, USA FONDAWIL@BELLSOUTH NET.COM   
  Pilot, VP 48 VP741, US, 16/09/56, 04/12/58, P5M, P2V, 1500 hrs.
Winschel Jr., Kenneth, ("WINCH"), Brunswick, Maine, United States winchjr@clinic.net   
  Instructor Inflight Technician/Ordnance, USN, United States, 16/06/92, 16/03/05, B-52H, P-3A, P-3C UD II.5 & III, AIP, 2600 hrs.
WOITON, Frank, Huenfelden, Hessen, Germany, take.care@gmx.net , www.basetown.de ,Aircraft Commander, German Navy (NAW 3 Nordholz), 01/07/88 to 31/12/2000, Breguet Atlantic MK I, 2.200 VPI hrs
Wolf, George, Bloomfield, Indiana, USA   buoygod@yahoo.com  SS1/Jez/Julie, USN, USA, 01/01/71, 01/10/91, P-3A/B/C, 5000+ hrs.
Eric, Greenwood, NS, Honorary Colonel 404 Squadron redwood@av.eastlink.ca 
WOOD John (Woody) Comox BC. Canada.  jwood2@shaw.ca Flt  Eng.Ret. RCAF/CAF Canada.16 -12 -1949 18- 04 -1985  Dak,Cosmo,P2V7,Argus,Aurora.15200 HRS.P-2000 VPI-Silver Pin-Gold Pin. Gold Pin Recipient
WOODLAND, Andy, Master Aircrew (Warrant Officer) - Royal Air Force (RAF) based at RAF Kinloss, RAF St Mawgan and then JAAC (then ADAC) Farnborough before finally moving to Northwood HQ ( MPA Trials Officer). Currently Head of Distributed ASW Programmes, Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems, UK  andy.woodland@ultra-sonar.com
, Keith, Smith's Cove, NS, Canada kdwoo@ns.sympatico.ca   
  AESOP, RCAF, , 22/11/64, 1/89, ARGUS, SEA KING, AURORA, 5663 hrs.
WRIGHT, John; Alexandria, Virginia, USA;  wright.john@hq.navy.mil Pilot; VP-11 (6/66-7/69) P-2/P-3B, 
     OinC TSC Sigonella (7/72-2/75), VP-44 (9/77-12/79) P-3A/P-3C UII, 5000 hrs
Wright, Ken, Radio Officer g7k@candw.ky Sep1968 to Fall 1970.
Argus time-2000hrs(total time 415 & 409)
Wyly, James R., (Bob), Bentonville , Arkansas, U.S.A. jrwylyjr@tcac.net   
  Pilot, U. S. Navy, U.S.A., 09/04/55, 01/06/75, Neptune and Orion, 4,500 hrs. Comments

Yates, Sqn Ldr Dick (Retd), RAF AEO 1963-98.  Nimrod 42, 201 and 206 Sqns.  P3C Orion 10 Sqn RAAF exchange 84-87.  Also ASW Seaking with 814 Sqn RN 76-78.    richardyates7@btinternet.com 
, Craig, Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland Craig-Young@Bigfoot.com   
  Air Electronics Operator (Sonar), RAF, United Kingdom, 16/02/88, Present, Nimrod , 2171 hrs.
Young, Martin, (Marty), Salisbury, Sth Australia, Australia Martin.Young1@defence.gov.au   
  Airborne Electronics , RAAF, Australia, 27Jul 90, current, P3C Orion , 3400 hrs.
Young, Richard, (Rick), Victoria, BC, Canada rick_fran@telus.net   n/a
  NAV, VP 405/407, Canada, 06/09/63, 26/05/99, ARGUS/AURORA, 4500 hrs.
 Young, Thomas, (Scotty), Columbia, Calif., U S A Clanyoungtcy@webtv.net   
  Flt Eng, U S Navy, U S A, 4 12 56 , 3 18 77, P5m P2v P3, 15,000 hrs. Gold Pin Recipient
Youngs, David (Dave),  Binghamton New York, USA
daveift@yahoo.com    P-3C UII/ UII.5/ UIII... IFT VP-62/VP-66/VP-92....07/06/88 - 04/09/01  Orion-2760 hrs. US NAVY (always and forever..)


ZANUSSI, Gerry, Comox BC, twozanus@shaw.ca  1966 – 1993, Transport, Maritime Patrol. Neptune, Argus & Aurora. 6500 Hours.
Zebiere, Dennis (Zeb) Caledonia, Ontario.  zebiereden@hotmail.com
, Richard (Dick) , Capt, USN (ret) , eldoz@earthlink.net  VP-47  1951-1953  PBM-5, VP-8  1960-1963,  P-3A & P2V-5FS, VP-30 1963-1967  P-3A & P-3B, VP-49 1967-1968  (XO/CO) P-3A, VP-31 1970-1971 (CO)  P-3A, P3B & P-3C, 11,000+ flight hours, about 5,000 in P-3 series aircraft. Retired in 1978 as COS COMPATWINGSLANT, Brunswick, ME, Currently residing in Chatsworth, CA Gold Pin Recipient
, Fabio, (Zotman), Cagliari, ITALY zotman@tin.it  
Acoustic Operator, Italian Navy, Italy, 26-07-90, , Atlantic BR1150, 2000 hrs.