Place We Flew To

Lajes, The Azores

For those of us who drank "green" wine at George the Crooks and then proceeded to join those stupid young men on the street, this brings back terrifying memories. The worst I personally experienced was a bad rope burn from getting tangled in the rope. Some of these folks get really gored, and I understand the "owner" of the bull, who hires the guys on the rope, gets fined for letting this happen. They are supposed to keep the rope tight. Small solace of course when your ribs are all busted up, or the Bull has shoved a horn where the sun don't shine.....Terry Chester


The VP Ramp, Lajes Field.
Ian Patrick Photo

Lajes Field. Photo Ian Patrick

In 1983 some of the crew travelled to a small village on the island called Quatro Ribeiras to watch the running
of the bulls. No Canadians actively participated but the bull got close a few times. Bert Campbell Photos

Street scenes in Angra. Bert Campbell Photos


Some of the destruction caused by the 1980 earthquake
that hit the Azores. Bert Campbell Photo

On crew rest between patrols, in the Azores in 1968
From left: Floyd Bosco, Lloyd Noseworthy, Leif Wadelius & Dave MacNeill in the Azores after the bullfight.
Leif Wadelius Photo